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Be a Better Business Communicator

Be a Better Business Communicator

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Have you ever quoted for a job or met a potential customer and been sure you had ‘nailed it’ yet inexplicably didn’t get the business? This 2021 training session will arm you with a great understanding of client requirements and how you can adapt your communication & sales skills to what the clients need, expect and prefer.

Very often these things don’t just boil down to price or material factors….it is often said that ‘people buy people first’.. 

Built on 100 years of research, this hugely insightful and very practical 3 hour session will give you the secret ingredient needed, yet often overlooked, when dealing with people in business.

We show you how you can flex your approach and your style of communication to your customer’s needs and preferences, not yours, giving you an edge that so many don’t have.

This is an exciting, but also fun, workshop that will give you a raised awareness of yourself and others, and we will share some very simple and practical tools to ensure you are ‘pressing the right buttons’ with your customers, potential customers, staff, suppliers and other key stakeholders in those most important interactions.

On completion of this training event you will receive follow-up support information with further tips and advice You will receive a certificate towards your Continuous Personal Development (CPD).

This business training session has been subsidized for you, thanks to the generous support of the MENTA Patrons, our patrons support our work, enabling us to deliver business support to the business communities we serve. Discover more about patrons and the free guidance they offer MENTA clients.

At MENTA, our business coaches and trainers are experienced and qualified professions, our services to the SME community are independently audited and the MENTA team are proud of their NET promoter score of 76 for customer and client satisfaction. (ranked 2nd nationally)
'Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn' Benjamin Franklin