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Making Videos Using Your Smartphone

Making Videos Using Your Smartphone

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Video Content Marketing and Presentation with your Smartphone

This training session is not about slides and talk! It is hands on and fun! You will be with like-minded people and therefore there is no need for nerves (We show you how to deal with nerves as well).

We will invite you to film and make your own test content so join us and learn to make your own marketing content with your Smartphone. 

Through this session with our marketing specialist & manager, Nick Pandolfi, you will learn how to...

* film content with your Smartphone

* present with confidence

* create content that shares your business story 

Discover how changing habits in consumption of media content means SMEs can now easily bypass traditional platforms and talk directly with a business audience.

This session is designed to make content generation enjoyable and a creative option for business marketing messaging across social media. 

N.B. Bring your smartphone and charger!

On completion, you will receive a certificate towards your Continuous Personal Development (CPD).