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A Better Understanding of Your Business Accounts

A Better Understanding of Your Business Accounts

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Looking for a better understanding of your business accounts?

Your accounts are a valuable tool that not only tell you how well your business has performed but also why it performed as it did and, more importantly, what you can do to improve performance. This will not only help you to spot any issues; understand your financial position; and, increase profits, but will also assist in your relationship with your advisors. 

This session is delivered by MENTA Paton and industry experts, Jacobs Allen Chartered Accountants. 

In this training session you will learn what a set of accounts can tell you about a business, how you can use that information and what other financial tools are available to integrate with your accounts to support your real-time financial decision making.

Please note that this training has been designed assuming you have a basic knowledge and understanding of a set of accounts. 

Client Feedback May 2021

"We joined with the aim of furthering our knowledge on the analysis of accounts, and we definitely achieved this. Although we have both been through the AAT process, analysing a large set of accounts can still be a daunting task and the webinar made us aware of a lot of key indicators we can look out for. In particular, the figure right at the bottom of a set of accounts might be the same for 2 businesses, but looking deeper into the receivables and cash on hand showed that 1 business was in a much stronger, and more secure position than the other. This was very interesting and definitely something that I will take forward, especially with regards to the credit control. For me, the more examples like this, the better, and I could see from the other participants reactions that it benefitted them as well"


On completion you will receive a certificate towards your Continuous Personal Development (CPD) for 2 hours (online training) or 3 hours (venue sessions).

Feel free to bring your laptop or tablet with you to any venue based sessions to take notes.