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Growing Your Sales Skills

Growing Your Sales Skills

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Have you ever thought you had a sale in the bag and lost it?

Have you ever walked away from a meeting thinking ‘I pitched that completely wrong’?


Do you simply want to get better at selling?

In any of these cases this free ‘taster’ session is most likely for you!
Whether it is selling products and services to your customers, selling yourself or your business to suppliers and stakeholders, negotiating terms with your debtors and creditors, the techniques we cover will hold good for all.
In a short, interactive session, we’ll introduce you to our simple 4 step structure for any sales conversation that is logical for your customer and helps them realise you are solving their problems and making their lives better rather than ‘making a sale’!
To be a great seller you need to be fully focused on your customers and their needs. We’ll share some of our tools and techniques that are gathered from top sellers, spread across the whole of the business spectrum, to help you (and your teams where appropriate) boost your business.