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Ever thought you had a sale in the bag and lost it?
Ever walked away from a meeting thinking 'I should have closed that sale' or 'I pitched that completely wrong'?
Or, do you simply want to get better at selling?

MENTA's 'Help Make Me Better @ Selling' training is here to help you! 

During the 4 hour training seminar we will look at...

* spotting new opportunities

* communicating in the words of your customer


* The 4 step structure for any sales conversation that is logical to your customer and will help them see that you are solving their problems and makes their lives better rather than ‘making a sale’!

We will give you tools to effectively overcome the dreaded objections, appropriate ways to close a sale; and, share our ‘golden nougats’ of selling.

On completion of this training, you will receive a certificate towards your Continuous Personal Development (CPD) for 2.5 hours (venue session) or 2 hours (online session).