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Boost your Instagram Business Profile 

With our new 2-hr Instagram training, we aim to help you supercharge your Instagram. Learn how to make your profile sticky, make people read your content and view your business offers. Show Instagram algorithms that your content is valued, which will help grow your audience reach.  

Enjoy the insight, tips and fun to be had with your Instagram business marketing.

MENTA Instagram training will show you how to make more from your existing Instagram business profile, understand your business audience and how they use social media.

This session will help you to –

* Grow business awareness

* Give you the actions and tricks that will make your content more engaging, giving the viewer of your profile a clear understanding why they should do business with you.

You will be shown how

  • to be a better storyteller with your content
  • develop a video strategy
  • get to grips with the #hashtags that matter
  • understand your insights
  • At our face-to-face sessions, we even make time for a coffee and biscuits


N.B. This course is designed for those with an existing Instagram business profile and room for your questions is built in.   

On completion of this training, you will receive a certificate towards your Continuous Personal Development (CPD) 

Space, social distancing at venues follows full government advice of the time.