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Norwich City Council Business Support Programme: Sales Skills

Norwich City Council Business Support Programme: Sales Skills

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This is one of the elective options on the Norwich City Council programme for clients located in the Norwich City Council area only.

Our sales skill training is packed with the takeaway actions for you to grow conversion rates, close deals and meet your business objectives.  This MENTA session will enhance your existing skills and help boost your confidence. 

In this fully-funded session we will look at:

* spotting new opportunities

* communicating in the words of your customer


* The 4 step structure for any sales conversation that is logical to your customer and will help them see that you are solving their problems and makes their lives better rather than ‘making a sale’!

We will give you tools to effectively overcome the dreaded objections, appropriate ways to close a sale; and, share our ‘golden nuggets’ of selling.

Watch this short video if you'd like to find out more about this MENTA training session.

To book and attend the session you need to already be enrolled on the Norwich City Council support programme. If you are not yet enrolled, and would like to, please check that you meet the eligibility criteria below and get in touch with us at

1) Be over 16 years of age

2) Be based within the Norwich City Council area

3) Not have started your business / self-employment yet or have started within the last 12 months prior to the date of enrolment.


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