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Social Media for Business Conference

Social Media for Business Conference

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Discover the tips and best ways to use the various platforms for your Community Business in 2020.

Improve your digital marketing and learn to enjoy social media and what it can achieve for your business.

This event will cover simple and cost-effective ways to increase awareness and sales for your Community Business.

We’ll look at different social media platforms, what could work best for your business' digital marketing; and, how your potential customers use social media and when.

The training workshop is designed to help new and existing community businesses and presenter, Nick Pandolfi will show how to capitalise on free marketing through social media and make creative content. Learn how to use the platforms for your recruitment drive through promoted posts.

Find out: -

  • How to use social media to reach new markets and engage with them
  • How to raise your community business profile
  • Which social media to choose
  • What to post and how to be sure your business is seen
  • How to create content that engages
  • How to use social media for recruitment drives
  • The value of promoted posts
  • How to use short video clips
  • The importance of personal branding across LinkedIn
  • Why blogs are important

‍Presenter: -

Nick Pandolfi works with businesses across the UK enabling them to reach new markets, showing best practise through content creation.