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Workshop Live 2: Marketing

Workshop Live 2: Marketing

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Are you under or over 16 years old?

Are you located in Norfolk or Suffolk?

Which of the following best describes your business situation?

Are you registered with Companies House?


This is the second of 3 fully-funded training workshops to help you start your business. You will need to complete all 3 workshops.

Hosted by MENTA’s experienced trainers via Zoom, the session will cover the essential things you need to consider when marketing your business. The “WorkshopLive” for Marketing will be split into the following sessions:

  1. Logo & Branding
  2. How to make Engaging Adverts
  3. Website creation options
  4. How Google works (SEO)
  5. Social Media Tips
  6. Press releases & networking

Your trainer(s) will be happy to field your questions “on air” or in the live chat room and will be short breaks between the sections for you to boil the kettle!

Please note that whilst not essential, a mobile phone earpiece and microphone is recommended and it is best accessed on a laptop, tablet or desktop.

N.B. To attend the Start-Up Business training workshops you must meet the following funding criteria:

1) Be over 16 years of age

2) Be based in Norfolk or Suffolk

3) Either have not started your business yet; or, have a business which has been operating for under 12 months on the date of your first workshop.

Funding for this workshop is provided by the EU through the Economic Regional Development Fund.

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