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7. Keeping Safe Online

7. Keeping Safe Online

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Is this briefing right for you?

Every week seems to bring reports of major hacking incidents. Many affect large organisations. But small businesses are just as much at risk.

Despite that, there are some easy steps any small business can take to stay safe online. Just like a locked front door, they won’t keep the most determined criminals away. But they will deter 95% of the hackers out there.

Every business needs to stay safe online. This briefing will give you the tools to protect your business and your customers from online criminals.

    Practical help

    We have designed all our briefings specifically for small business owners. People like you who want to take their business online but who don’t have large amounts of time or money to invest.

    What will you learn?

    • How to avoid hackers: what are the basic things you can do to stay safe online?
    • How to keep safe when working away from your business or home. Where and when you need to be particularly wary about your safety.
    • How to detect and avoid online scammers and confidence tricksters.

              *Please note, this programme is exclusively for businesses located in East Suffolk. If your business is not located in East Suffolk, please contact us on 01284 760206 or email to see how we can help you.

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