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Clarity 4D - Personality Profiling

Clarity 4D - Personality Profiling

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Youth - £15 + VAT
Ideal for young people age 14-19 years who need to make decisions about their future.

New Direction -  £30 + VAT
Ideal for people going through a change of job, returning to work after maternity leave or unemployment.

Personal Profile -  £50 + VAT

Designed for the individual in the business/corporate world.

Full - £58 + VAT
A combination of how someone interacts within a team, how they like to be communicated with and a personal profile.


Personality profiling helps people understand their preferred style of communication and to recognize the personality and styles of communication of their colleagues and customers.

You’ll receive a detailed written report which provides a snapshot of how you see yourself at this moment. The profile includes a ‘self-graph’ depicting your colour energies and feedback on your strongest areas and hidden potential. Once you have purchased you will be emailed the profile questionnaire and once completed your report will be emailed to you.

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