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The MENTA Guide to Marketing

The MENTA Guide to Marketing

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With more than 3.5 billion people online around the world who have daily access to the perfect marketing platform, it’s never been easier to promote and grow your small business - but that also means it’s a lot more competitive.

Although you may not be in a position to hire a full-time marketing manager, this guide will help you create a marketing plan which is a must have in this day and age for any size company.

As a small business owner, your main concern is going to be sales, so concentrating on getting new customers, re-engaging past customers and even increasing revenue from your current customers is going to be a massive focus for your marketing strategy. An effective strategy can help drive your business to achieving these goals!

Your plan can help you identify any tactics that you may need to achieve your objectives - with a schedule for implementation. In other words, your strategy will describe in detail how you plan to achieve your sales and marketing targets.

Most small business owners don’t actually have a marketing plan, so by creating one, your business can gain the upper hand with a clear opportunity to stand out above your competition.

This new MENTA guide to marketing includes:
* Using Google to your Advantage
* An Overview of Physical Marketing
* How Do I Use My Website as an Effective Marketing Tool?
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